Aluminium flooring

Aluplana is a demonstration of how a technical walking surface can present an elegant look that uniquely adorns a platform, a staircase, a pedestrian walkway. The reflections of Aluplana's sand and silver gray finishes add distinction to surfaces with certified safety characteristics (anti-slip, anti-vertigo, draining capacity).


Aluplana is the ideal solution for the implementation of:

  • Raised walkways, floating floors, mezzanines and transit routes
  • The flooring of modular walkways
  • Landings and steps

It is particularly versatile in the use of commercial interiors and common spaces, such as shops, bars, restaurants, schools, religious buildings, public offices, etc.

Some specific applications have clearly revealed the ability of the Aluplana system to respond to special needs, such as pedestrian/cycle footbridges, ramps facilitating the removal of architectural barriers, walkways for archaeological sites, exhibition areas and museum spaces.

Technical Data

This modular element, which is available in two widths, allows any surface to be covered, also thanks to the possibility of varying the length up to a maximum of six metres. A high anti-vertigo and non-slip characteristics (R10 certified efficiency level), as well as drainage capacity.

These are the standard measures of width and height (the length may vary):

  • Platforms: 400 x 40 mm
  • Platforms: 100 x 40 mm
  • Terminals: 43 x 40 mm
  • Steps: 345 x 55 mm
  • Steps 300 x 40 mm

These elements are always available and can be supplied, cut to size, given a finish and made ready for installation, then delivered within a short period of time.

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Download the description of the step’s technical profile