Outdoor and indoor aluminium stairs

Climbing up with style

When designing stairs, Aluscalae's target is to transform a necessary structure into an aesthetically pleasing complement, to the point of creating sleek shapes that not only enrich the exterior of buildings, but also those interior spaces that require practical and unconventional solutions.

The Aluscalae staircases adapt both to the needs of a new project and pre-existing structures dealing with renovations or safety measures, in full compliance with current legislation. The light-weight "all aluminium" solution, combined with Aluscalae's design capability towards the Customer's needs, make otherwise unthinkable solutions possible with materials such as iron, concrete and wood.

The structure of the staircases, which are extremely essential and clean, consists of extruded and laminated elements in aluminium alloy coupled with bolts and screws in stainless steel, and completed by Aluplana walking surfaces. Ours is a product of considerable value with "zero maintenance", with a longer life cycle when compared to traditional materials. The steps, the platforms and the accessories of the Aluplana range can also be installed on iron structures, thus increasing the aesthetic value of the staircase, as well as increasing the characteristics of heel proofing, anti-slip, anti-vertigo and draining capacity. The staircases manufactured with steps and Aluplana surfaces can measure up to 2 metres in width without the need to add any intermediate support.

In any event, compliance with current regulations in terms of both structural and performance safety is always guaranteed; each project is accompanied by a Calculation Report. The modular system and the simplicity of assembly often allow the customer to manage the installation without the need for on-site technical support.