The outer surface of a home is its skin, exposed to passers-by and atmospheric agents. Design creativity and the malleability of aluminium offer countless possibilities to adorn and protect that skin, or to cover other points like a tailored suit. Sun blinds, pergolas, claddings and other architectural furnishings are able to increase the elegance of a building and increase its energy efficiency.

Shading Devices


Aluminium structures that adapt to high-rise buildings and apartment buildings, as well as to individual private homes, improve the yield in terms of energy savings. They are designed with surface finishes consisting of natural pigments with zero environmental impact, such as opaque, glossy, extra-glossy varnishes, or sand-blasted textured finishes. The aesthetic quality enhances architectural projects, also ensuring that the finishes last longer than the traditional standards.

Single-Unit Balconies


The single-unit aluminium balconies (prefabricated and ready for installation) are an effective and adaptable solution for different environments, which are characterized by a considerable savings of time and money. Their appearance may be customized both in the movement of the horizontal elements and in the finishing colours, finally resulting in simplicity and exceptional cleanliness.

Overpasses, Footbridges, Gates


The Aluscalae cyclist and pedestrian overpasses are made entirely out of aluminium alloy and represent innovative solutions in the field of public works (road traffic, railway networks, fluvial environments, public gardens, etc.) and for various types of private accommodation facilities. Their essential structures and consequent low visual impact make them ideal elements for urban furnishing, parks and gardens. All exposed surfaces can be anodised in natural silver, painted in any RAL colour, or covered with wood or other materials to meet any aesthetic requirements. Continuous assistance may be provided for each requirement, from the design and simulation phase up to the installation of the “turnkey” plant.