Decorative Parapets

Aluscalae designs and manufactures parapets, balustrades and railings in aluminium, glass and other infill materials, used for the implementation of their own matrix systems and cast-iron elements made by design.

Aluscalae systems are based on tailor-made profiles, accessories designed specifically for perfect plumb lines, easily combined with different elements, thus reducing processing times and costs. Experienced professionals and laboratory tests certify compliance with safety regulations for each Aluscalae implementation.

Aluscalae parapets consist of struts in extruded aluminium EN AW 6005 T6 alloy, and aluminium handrails attached to the struts via supports obtained from metal castings.

Parapets and Balustrades


Panorama Model

Offers the maximum visual permeability thanks to the elimination of handrails and the decrease in the height of the struts.
San Benigno

San Benigno Model

A solution with linear aesthetics and quick installation; available in variations without handrails.
San Benigno

Vecchia Darsena Model

A parapet characterized by a continuous ribbon style created by the glass installed on the exterior of the supporting structure.
La Peschiera

La Peschiera Model

The glass panels are framed by the aluminum stringers that give the parapet an elegant modular design.
San Luca

San Luca Model

The structural glass solution that naturally offers, at a glance, an open panorama directly in front of the parapet.

Aluminium Parapets with Perforated Panels


Paladina Model

Light-weight and semi-transparent aluminium panels offer a particularly sophisticated solution.

Marconi Model

A barrier with a continuous ribbon style ideal for extended balconies and commercial environments.

Re Model

The mixed infill with perforated panels and horizontal stringers makes it suitable for urban furnishings and road applications.

Alupar Model

A complete system for stairs and balconies, with elements designed for perfect integration and quick assembly.

Aluminium Parapets with Stringers or Beadings


Orizzonte Model

A reinterpretation of the classic parapet stringers with technical and aesthetic features that increase its stability and elegance.
Orizzonte Urbano

Orizzonte Urbano Model

The best protection for pedestrian walkways and cycle paths in high-quality urban furnishing projects.

Verticale Model

The classic railing finds a new application thanks to the vertical aluminum stringers.
A Liste

Beadings Model

The beadings are an aesthetic variation which enhances the traditional horizontal parapet stringer.
A Pannelli

Panelled Model

The parapet with panels wraps around the structure of the balconies allowing it to produce specific aesthetic effects.