Aluminium modern architecture

Aluminium: light, resistant, ductile

Even though it is one of the elements most present in the earth's crust, since ancient times aluminium has been considered a precious material. The natural sheen of this pliable silver metal immediately conveys its most important characteristics through its appearance and touch.


Time is aluminium's friend because it does not damage its exterior appearance and allows it to keep its precious nature over the years without any maintenance.


Aluminium's structure is not affected by atmospheric agents, it is a metal that resists oxidation and does not lose its sheen.


With a specific weight that is about one third that of steel and copper, aluminium is distinguished by its lightness, allowing for great design freedom.


The aluminium recycling process only requires 5% of the energy required to produce the primary material, and therefore its environmental impact is very low, because almost all the metal used in the past decades is still available and ready to be reused.