Parapets and Balustrades

In traditional construction the parapet has always been considered a simple protection. Aluscalae has turned it into a decorative furnishing, an extension of the interior finishes of a residence. When designing a façade, it is useful to have a parapet that beautifies the architectural lines and looks good even up close.

Is a demonstration of how a technical walking surface can present an elegant look that uniquely adorns a platform, a staircase, a pedestrian walkway. The reflections of Aluplana’s sand and silver gray finishes add distinction to surfaces with certified safety characteristics (anti-slip, anti-vertigo, draining capacity).



When designing stairs, Aluscalae’s target is to transform a necessary structure into an aesthetically pleasing complement, to the point of creating sleek shapes that not only enrich the exterior of buildings, but also those interior spaces that require practical and unconventional solutions.

The outer surface of a home is its skin, exposed to passers-by and atmospheric agents. Design creativity and the malleability of aluminium offer countless possibilities to adorn and protect that skin, or to cover other points like a tailored suit. Sun blinds, pergolas, claddings and other architectural furnishings are able to increase the elegance of a building and increase its energy efficiency.

Architectural Furnishings

Industrial Applications

Aluminium is an ideal solution for industrial flooring. The light-weight and resistant characteristics of the cut off platforms that replace the texture of our technical floors offer quick assembly and an adequate response to safety standards.